Our History


  • Business established 1996
  • Limited capacity for growth
  • Shared plant with wholesale business and butcher shop
  • Located in Ballarat, Victoria
  • Limited systems, processes and procedures
  • Minimal customers
  • Very small product range
  • Manufacturer of chicken and turkey only
  • New ownership in 2007 with turnover approx. $3Mil


  • Expansion into Melbourne in 2008 (5 times size and 20 times capacity)
  • The last two years have been spent preparing for the 100% growth CC is projected to see in 2014, via re-structures, investment, focus on efficiency improvements & improving systems and processes. The last year has seen a 50% reduction in average direct labour cost per kg and a 20% average reduction in purchasing costs.
  • Over 50 SKUs currently being sold, with a list of a further 200 cooked products and 50 raw that have or can be produced if required.
  • Manufacturer of Cooked – chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, duck, pork, vegetables, curries & sauces
  • Country Cooked Manufacturing turnover approx. $10 Mil for 2013 with projections for an annualized manufacturing turnover $16-25 Mil at the end of 2015